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Melissa’s Blog: Friday August 14, 2009 2pm

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Hello my friends! Long time no blog! But I have been so busy tweeting and twittering it’s hard to sit down and write more than 140 characters. I am still in Minnesota visiting with my family and having a wonderful time. Riley has been having a blast with his cousins, Grandmas, Grandpa and aunts and uncles! Its so great to see him hanging with his relatives. That is one thing I hate about living in Los Angeles is not having family around. I don’t have too much to report other than tomorrow night is the season Finale of season 1 of The Singing Bee. I know!!!! Already?!!!! I am so hoping for a season 2 of the show because I had so much fun. Everyone involved from the producers, the crew, the band, the singers, CMT and the contestants were amazing and I feel like we were just getting started. So please tune in Tomorrow night for the finale at 8pm central on CMT and if you feel so inclined please let know that you want more of the Bee! Lets flood their inbox! Lets send so much mail that the site crashes! Ok maybe that’s a bit much but a girl can dream right? I feel extremely positive about a second season so fingers crossed everyone! BUZZZZZZZZZ And to all of you out there that helped make season one such a success I thank you. I truly appreciate the fans and the support they have given the show. I also want to give a shout-out to all my followers on Twitter otherwise known as Tweetermans. I can’t believe how much fun I am having with everyone. I especially like Wednesdays because we have a Fantasy Tweet day (Fantatweet) where we tweet our fantasies and dreams. We have had contests the last two weeks for best fantatweet and that’s a blast. Hmmmmm what else? I feel a little boring, I suppose I could make some stuff up but that would be wrong. Oh I KNOW!!!! I think that the possibility of me doing a comedy album may actually happen!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH
I am so excited!!! Hey Reebs! Looks like we’re both recording artists!!!! How cool would that be to call Reba and be like “Oh hey Red, hows your new album doing?…..ohhh that’s awesome!…Yeah I’m busy working on MY album…..I know, its a lot of work…..Are you going to the Grammys?….great!…..wanna sit together?…….Your in the front row?…..oh……I think I’m in the balcony….that’s cool though we can hang at the after-party……bye BF…gotta run…you know to do recording artist stuff… soon!” Anywho, I will keep you all posted on how that’s coming…very exciting! I guess I am not as boring as I thought. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. I can’t believe it’s going by so fast. I will write some more later but I gotta run I have a little boy who wants to go play outside. Have a fantastic day!!!
Melissa p
THE SINGING BEE (“There’s A Party Going On”)

Melissa’s Blog: Saturday, July 11, 2009 8:30am

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Good Morning My Friends!

What a beautiful Saturday Morning! And I am not just talking about the sunshine, I am talking about the fact that Riley peed in the potty this morning and is wearing big boy underpants!!!! That is like the sun shining over a rainbow onto a field of daisies as puppies and ponies frolic in the grass while I watch from the sides eating a snicker Blizzard! That’s how beautiful this moment is to me. Now we have been here before so I am prepared for some accidents and may just keep him outside most of the day so I can hose him off but this is progress! Yahoo…. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and had a fun Fourth of July weekend. We are loving the weather and spending most of our time outside in the pool. But we are getting ready for our summer trip back to Minnesota to be with our families and I am getting excited! I love going home and it’s always filled with a ton of family and friends and I love Minneapolis/St.Paul it’s absolutely beautiful there.

I am so happy to report that The Singing Bee is doing wonderfully for CMT so thanks for all your support and please keep spreading the word. It’s on tonight 9pm eastern/8pm central!!! But as of July 25th it will move up an hour and go to 8pm Eastern Time and 7pm central. I hope you all are enjoying the show. I really had so much fun making them and hope to do more! Maybe take the Bee on the road and go do the shows in different cities! How fun would that be! So again thanks to everyone who is watching and letting CMT know you like the show. I really and truly appreciate it. HMMMM I think you all know I did Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader for charity. WOW! So hard, still recovering. I can’t say what happened but it will be fun to watch. I will let you know when it airs. What else? I am having a lot of fun with Twitter and love all of my followers “The Tweetermans” as I like to call them. Ohh and I had a Birthday. It was a pretty relaxed B-day but thanks everyone for all you wishes. I am getting old!!!!! Thanks Alex for your really sweet blog on my Bday!

Not much else to report! We are going to start packing today and do some projects around the house and enjoy the weekend. Ohh and I have to give a shout out to Nathalie Rachel Sherman of Sophia & Chloe jewelry. They let me borrow all the lovely jewelry that I wore on The Singing Bee, The CMT awards and Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader. They make beautiful things and I loved everything they let me wear! So much so that I had a hard time sending it back. If you want to check them out their website is Thanks again Nathalie! I felt very special wearing your pieces and I can’t wait to wear them again.

Our dog Janet is still wearing her cone but she is doing much better. Those cones are so sad, and you know the dog is embarrassed about it. Janet looks like Doug the dog from the movie “Up”. “I do not like the cone of shame” Poor Janet! My dad is doing well too, he had some eye issues but it looks like it is all on the mend. He did not have to wear a cone, thank goodness and I am glad he is doing well.

That’s all I got peeps, gonna make some French toast for my boys and get the day going. Have a wonderful weekend!

Melissa P.

Ps Don’t get stung! Watch the Bee tonight. Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Pps It’s going to Beeeeeee great!

Ppps Ok I will stop that.

Pppps tomorrow.

Ppppps The Buzzzzzz about the Singing Bee is Beeeeeeyond good!

Pppppps Ok I am done.

Ppppppps. One more.

Pppppppps Do the jive in the Hive! Beeee there!

Pppppppppps DONE. Sorry. Can’t help it!

Xoxoxoxoxox Love and Peace!

Melissa p

Melissa’s Blog: June 27, 2009 2:00pm

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

Hello my friends, I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing and wonderful Saturday. I am. It’s beautiful in LA today and we are about to head off to our niece Jheni’s little boys Birthday Party! He is turning 2 today. Happy Birthday Jack! I am looking forward to the cake. I have had a pretty busy week. Been doing a lot of press for The Singing Bee and even a photo shoot. There is a brand new episode on tonight. So please check it out and spread the word. It’s on CMT tonight 9pm eastern/8pm central right after Can You Duet! I love hosting the show and am so glad the response has been positive. And the other big news is I did Are You Smarter Than A 5th grader yesterday!!!!! AHHHHHHH. I think I would rather have another C-section again than face those 5th graders. I was a nervous wreck. I studied like crazy and thanks to all my twitter Tweethearts for all their help in preparing. I played for 2 different charities. One was Challenge Air For Kids And Friends in honor of Ryan Mouritsen. Ryan was a wonderful part of our Reba show family and recently passed away and this was a charity that was close to his heart. Ryan was one of those really special people that always had a smile on his face and he was always ready to help and good for a laugh. You are missed my friend. I also played for the Unusual Suspects Theater Company. It is an organization that uses theater and performance as a way to reach out to kids at risk. My friend Melissa Denton works with them and I know what amazing work they do. I can’t tell anybody what happened until the show airs but it was so much fun and those kids are amazing!!!! I am pretty sure they were just tiny professors because they were so smart!!! I might hire them to do my taxes. And I was already a fan of Jeff Foxworthy but am now even a bigger one. He is the nicest man. So funny and a real pro. Thank you Jeff for having me on the show. Now we just got to get Reba to do it!!! What else? Not too much to tell you, just enjoying the summer days with Riley and John. Have a wonderful day.


Melissa p

Ps Going to dinner with Reba tonight! Been missing her and can’t wait to catch up! It will be a great day. Birthday cake and laughing with my buddy.

Pps Watch the Singing Bee tonight!! Call your friends and play along. It’s always more fun with friends! Heck eat some birthday cake while you watch! Why not!!!!

Melissa’s Blog: June 20, 2009

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

My father is my biggest fan. He has always been my biggest fan, from my first performance as a shepherd in the Nativity me, my sister and Laura, Beth and Heidi Sand performed in our living room at Christmas to every role I have played since. FYI, I think my shepherd performance was pretty good even though my sheep was a Lhasa Apso named Peaches. He has always supported me in my dreams even when they seemed unreachable. He is the kind of man who would drive people all over town for my sisters wedding even though that morning he had slipped a disc in his back and was in the ER. He never complained. He just wanted things to be easier for his girl on her big day. He is the kind of father that when I was waiting tables at T.G.I Fridays after college and didn’t have enough money to pay for the title transfer of yet another used car, he came in for lunch and left me a 200 dollar “tip”. And let me tell you the service wasn’t that good. I am pretty sure I forgot to refill his diet coke. He is compassionate, generous, honest and kind. He is the kind of husband that would drive his wife and her 6 friends “The Divas” all around Los Angeles on their big Hollywood vacation. I was lucky enough to grow up seeing a marriage that was based on love, respect and compromise. He is a great Grandpa even when Riley is being a sass and less then a delight to be around. He should be my publicist. He knows what’s happening in my career more then I do. He is always up to date on everything and spreading the word around town. And I know he would do this no matter what career I happened to have. He is my greatest defender. I think my dad gets more upset when people say mean things about me or my work than I do. And now that I am a parent I understand that completely. He is an amazing photographer. A hobby he picked up in the last few years that has become his passion. His beautiful nature photos have been published and even sold. I am not surprised. He is the kind of boss that employees say nice things about even when he is not there. He is the kind of man who built a career and a business that is dedicated to helping people who are often pushed aside. He is a good man. Of all the gifts my father has given me I think the greatest was that his example helped me pick out someone who also is a wonderful father. Now John and my dad are very different men, with different backgrounds and opinions but what they share is more important. John is a good man, He is kind, honest and the best dad Riley could hope for. He is the kind of father that pretends to be a dinosaur and chases Riley around the yard. He is the kind of father that let’s Riley vacuum up his lip with the vacuum hose because it makes Riley laugh so hard he gets the hiccups. I also enjoy it because let’s face it, it’s funny. He is the kind of dad who will read the same book over and over again. He is the kind of dad who will someday leave Riley a 200-dollar “tip” if Riley was too proud to ask for help. John is a good husband. He makes me laugh and puts up with my quirks and will let me vacuum up his lip with the vacuum hose because seriously, it’s hilarious. After 10 years, I am still his “sug”.

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I love you so much and I could not have asked for a better father. And I am sorry for the snotty high school years.

Happy Fathers Day John, I love you sug. Riley and I are lucky that your ours.

And Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, grandpas, step-dads, uncles, honorary uncles, friends, and anyone who has made a difference in someones life. I hope you got more than a tie!

XOXOMelissa Peterman

Melissa’s Blog: June 18, 2009. 3:00pm

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

Hello my Friends!!!

Where to start? It has been such a wonderful and crazy couple of days. I just got back from Nashville yesterday and it was so much fun. I got to co-host the CMA music festival with Lance Smith on Sunday night and what a show! Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, John Rich, Kenney Chesney, Taylor Swift, Heidi Newfield, Cowboy Troy, and so many amazing performances it was crazy!! I absolutely loved it and I was so pumped up after the show I could barely sleep. I then got to do a meet and greet on Monday and was glad people showed up to meet and greet me. I was a little nervous that people might not come. But they did! And thank you to all of you that waited in line. I met some really fun people. Happy sixteenth birthday Hannah! And Casey, Linda, Hope and Sherry! I loved you guys. I hope you all know that it is such a pleasure to meet and greet you all. I would wait in line for you! And then to top off the trip Tuesday night was the incredible CMT awards followed by the sneak premiere of my new show The Singing Bee. AHHHHHHHHHHHH what a night. First off the CMT awards were rocking and Taylor Swift, can I just say that opening video was THE BOMB!!! So good and so funny. I would totally buy a T-Pain and T Swifty album!!! You were incredible the whole night and I can’t believe your 19. I was trying to grow out my bad bangs when I was 19. If you ever wanna do some comedy with a giant blonde give me a call Taylor! I loved Darius Rucker, and he came up and introduced himself to me and I could hardly speak. He said I was funny and beautiful and I think I said something like “AHHHH thannnks gawwww You so good…errrrrr me love you” Smooth, Melissa. The whole show rocked. Sugarland and The B52’s made my night!!! So cool and the audience lost their minds! Trace Adkins performance was beautiful. Brad Paisley as always was amazing. Def Leopard people!!!!! LOVED IT!!!! Lady Antebellum!!!!! LOVED THEM!!!! Now I am just babbling. It was a blur because the whole night I knew I had to introduce Toby Keith and I was so nervous about falling on stage or being awful that it was hard to concentrate on the show. Plus I was sitting next to Ted Nugent and Dierks Bentley so I had to act cool and collected. Which brings me to my favorite moment of the night KISSING DIERKS BENTLEY!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He was such a good sport and fun to play with. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I lived a dream for so many ladies out there. And I would like to think that Dierks lived a dream too by getting kissed by Melissa Peterman. I can dream can’t I? Seriously, Thank you Dierks and also thank your wife for letting me have a little fun! I was also nervous about the premiere of The Singing Bee. I so want people to like the show because I had so fun making it and am really proud of it. I am happy to say that The Singing Bee debut was a huge success! We are the highest rated original series debut for CMT ever!! So thank you to all of you out there that watched! But the real test will be this Saturday night. The show’s home is Saturday nights at 9pm eastern/8pm central following Can You Duet. So if you like the show please tune in this Saturday and tell everyone you know to check it out! What else? I loved being in Nashville, such a pretty city and the people are so nice. Thank you to the Hilton for taking such good care of me and I apologize for all the spray tanner I left on the towels! Forgive me I am pale. Anywho I am sure I will have more thoughts on the last few days soon but I gotta go I have a little boy who wants to play. I love you all and thanks for all your support. And to all the wonderful people I met in Nashville a huge THANK YOU!!!!

Have A great day and remember you can follow me on Twitter at Followtheblonde

Ps I will have pics from the show up soon!

Melissa P

Melissa’s Blog: June 4, 2009 2:33 pm

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Hello my friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying the day. I am sitting outside in lovely Los Angeles and the rain is cleared up some and it is beautiful. I had a call-back for a movie today and I think it went pretty well, It’s hard to tell sometimes but I went in and did my best so what else can you do. Too bad my dad isn’t the director! He would so cast me! Had a great week so far! My husband John had a birthday last Saturday and we went away for a night to a really nice hotel to relax and celebrate. It was the first time we had a hotel room alone without Riley and it was pretty awesome to watch movies that didn’t have dinosaurs in them and order room service popcorn!. I know!!! Who knew you could get popcorn delivered with FRESH MELTED BUTTER!!!! It was like a dream! We had a lovely night and a wonderful dinner and came home to a surprise party that our friends had planned for us for our ten-year anniversary. We arrived too early so we kind of ruined the surprise but it was still pretty great. Thanks so much to our lovely friends (The A Team) for planning such a fun day for us. Tomorrow is our real anniversary and I still can’t believe we have been married ten years. And I am proud to say even when things aren’t perfect we can still make each other laugh and that’s important. We have had a lot of fun together and the best part is we got Riley too. He has truly made us better partners. And we have someone else who makes us laugh everyday. Sure he has a lot of poopy pants jokes but still, pretty funny!!! We are really lucky. I say that everyday. What else is new? I finished taping ten episodes of The Singing Bee for CMT and it was a blast! A lot of work and really long days but so worth it. The show is so fun and I can’t wait for you all to watch it. It will have a special premiere after the CMT awards on June 16th and then move to Saturday nights on CMT after that. So please watch and tell your friends. It’s really fun and I think the whole family will enjoy it. Thanks to the whole Singing Bee crew! You were all so amazing and professional. And thanks to CMT as well, as always you are so good to me. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a long run. I am also excited to announce I will be presenting at the CMT awards!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO. I can’t wait!!!! What am I going to wear!!!! Who will I get to meet?!!! Super exciting. I am also twittering now. Not sure I am that interesting to follow but it’s been fun I’m still trying to figure it out. You can follow me at Followtheblonde. I will definitely be twittering at the CMT awards. What else can I tell you? Fathers Day is coming up and I have no idea what we are going to do. I always feel bad. Dad’s always seem to get short-changed on these holidays. Moms are easier to buy for. Or maybe that’s just me. Anywho I am thinking about that and hopefully I will get inspired. Gotta go, Riley is about done with letting me be on the computer..I can tell because he is now climbing on my shoulders and saying “stop writing”!!! He is so subtle. Have a beautiful day and talk soon!


Tuesday May 26th 8:30am

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Good morning my friends I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! I worked on the Singing Bee Saturday and Sunday but had memorial day off and had friends over for BBQ and fun. I am back at work and loving the BEE! I just wanted to let everyone know that my twitter account is Followtheblonde. I have never had a twitter account until about a week ago and this is my only account. I have been informed that there is someone who is claiming to be me but the only twitter account that I have is Followtheblonde where I said this morning I would tell you on this website the name of my sisters dog. She has a cocker-spanial named Tilly and we call her Tilly Toot. So I hope this proves that melissa petermans twitter is Followtheblonde. But hey I can’t promise that I am more interesting to follow so you might want to stick with the imposters they may be more fun! I wish they would come help me clean my house.
Have a great day all!!!

Now on Twitter!

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Melissa’s Blog: May 20, 2009 11:00am

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Good Morning Friends!!!

I am sitting outside on another gorgeous Los Angeles Day and watching Riley swim in the pool. Life really can’t get much better than this. Well, unless at the same time someone was inside cleaning my house and making me lunch but I will take what I can get. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I know I did. I got to sleep late and had some lovely presents and went on a picnic with Riley and John. It was perfect! I am very busy getting ready to start taping the Singing Bee for CMT and am really excited about it. It is a really fun show and the people involved are super nice. There will be a sneak Peek of the show after the CMT awards on June 16th and then it will start airing on Saturday Nights on CMT so please check it out. You can go to for more details. And if your in Los Angeles please come see me at a taping! I would love that! What else is new? I am not happy about the fact that my pants are getting tight. I so need to get back to working out but I have to admit I have been very lazy and enjoying food, especially pizza and anything Riley leaves on his plate. Why would a person ever leave French fries on their plate!!!! They are French Fries!!!! The most perfect food in the world!!! And of course I just can’t leave them all alone on the plate, that’s wasteful. Times are tough people!!!!! We can’t waste!!!! Anywho I am back on the food wagon but there will be a little more of me to love on the Singing Bee. My muffin tops have muffin tops of there own. I have been loving American Idol again this year and can’t wait for the finale tonight. I am a little disappointed that Alyson isn’t in the finals I thought she was amazing and reminded me of my favorite Idol of all time a certain Kelly Clarkson! Who I miss seeing every weekend on tour with Reba. That truly was the most fun I ever had. I am looking forward to going back to Minnesota this summer and spending time with my family. I really miss seeing them and I so love being back home. I love it when Riley sees family everyday. I am also doing a charity event on July 20th here in LA for a theater company I have been involved in called Buzzworks. It’s a great non-profit theater committed to doing new plays. And the event will be so fun. It’s going to be a salute to the 80’s and we will be doing a parody/staged reading of the Breakfast Club. I will be playing Molly Ringwalds part. So again if you live in Los Angeles please come. I will have more details as the event gets closer. HMMMMMMMMMMM I wish I had more exciting news for everyone. OHHHH I know my ten year anniversary is coming up on June 5th. I can’t believe it!!!! Ten years!!! The only thing I can say is if someone can make you laugh chances are you can get through anything. And John still makes me laugh. Oh I know. I got to be a part of Reba’s A&E biography. They interviewed me last week in Nashville and I was honored to be asked to be a part of it. It was very cool and I did cry once. Okay maybe twice. But I think it’s going to be a great show. I don’t know when they will air it on A&E but be on the lookout for it. I am going to have to think about showering soon as I am having lunch with one of my favorite people in a couple hours. My BF, Reebs! I have been missing her as she has been very busy and all over the place. So I am looking forward to catching up with her. What else? And I am not just putting off taking a shower. I guess I am just wishing everyone a laugh today, maybe even an extra French fry off a friends plate or getting to share lunch with someone who makes you happy. I am grateful for so many things I have been blessed with and right now I have to go towel off my favorite one. He is done swimming and wants a popsicle.


Melissa P

Ps Thank you Marsha for the dinosaurs! Riley is in T-rex heaven!

Melissa’s Mothers Day Blog:

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Happy Mothers Day! This will be my third Mothers day being a mom and I can’t imagine what my life was like before I became a mother. I am pretty sure I slept better and I know for sure I had never been peed on while changing a diaper and the things I worried about seem so silly now, but beyond that I honestly can’t remember what I did before Riley came into our life. Don’t get me wrong, everyday is not full of magical moments and making cookies and hallmark cards. Some days I lose my patience. Some days I wake up with every intention of taking him to the library and the park and the museum but instead I give him a roll of painters tape and let him tape himself and the dog together. And to be honest I think he enjoyed that just as much. And you know what? I think that’s ok. The most important thing I have learned from becoming a mom is that Mom’s need to give themselve’s a break. I see other mothers so stressed out and trying so hard to be perfect and while I wish I had the time to make homemade organic trail mix for Riley and teach him French I would rather give him some store-bought raisins and teach him to say Thank-you….in any language would be fine. I guess I am saying I don’t think Riley cares if I am perfect. All he wants is to be with me. He wants me to play with him. He wants me to be silly. Those things I can do. I can’t make him organic meals everyday. Ok I could. I just don’t want too. And for the moms who do I applaud you! That’s another thing I have learned. Mothers need to give OTHER mothers a break too. We all do things different. Our priorities are not the same. Our methods and choices aren’t like everyone else’s. My priorities are that Riley be kind, that he knows there is a whole world around him with different people and ideas, that he is happy, that he laughs, that he feels secure in the knowledge that we love him unconditionally. That we love him enough to say no.

I also want to take a moment to thank my mom. Thank You mom for always making me believe that I could do anything I dreamed. I don’t think I could have chosen a career filled with rejection and no job security if I hadn’t been raised to believe in myself. So thanks Pam! You’re a wonderful mother and a SUPER grandma. I love you very much. And yes It’s true. We do turn into our mothers. I now love going to Michael’s Craft store and getting my craft on. Thanks Pam!

I truly know I am a mom because I have found myself saying to Riley when he says “That’s not fair”..”Well, write a letter to your governor”. I know. I am saying things like that a lot. And proud of it.

So for everyone out there have a fantastic Mothers Day! Whether you’re a mom, a daughter, the super-cool aunt, the honorary auntie or the best-friend of a mom who lends an ear and a hand and sometimes a much-needed margarita, Enjoy the day and remember sometimes a roll of painters tape is an afternoon of fun and that organic trial mix would taste so much better with M&M’s or skittles in it!


Melissa p

PS. I am pretty sure Riley will give me a dinosaur for Mothers Day and I am pretty sure I will Love it!