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Melissa’s Blog, May 5, 2009. 11:30 am

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Hello my friends, I know what your thinking. Two blogs in 3 days what is happening? I just really felt like I needed to say something to my fans out there. Some of you may have guessed that I did “The Sugar Shack” for The Lifetime Movie Network and it aired this weekend. I was disappointed to see that for some of the LMN viewers it was not received in the spirit in which it was meant. It was supposed to be a fun, celebration of everyone out there who loves Lifetime Movies (I myself am one of those people which is why I thought it was such a great and fun idea) and I still think it is. I hope you know I take all the feedback and comments the viewers write and take them to heart. We are always working to make things better. And for those of you who liked it, Thanks so much. Now I gotta run, because I have a performance to do for a 3 year old who still thinks I do an amazing T-Rex impression.


Have an wonderful day.

Melissa P

Melissa’s Blog. May 3rd, 5:30pm

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Well Happy May Day my friends, even if it is a few days late. But seeing as I haven’t updated my blog in about a hundred years I think being late seems to be my thing! Well I wish I had fantastic reasons for being so out of touch, like I was in Paris working the runways, or doing a movie with George Clooney in Mexico or working on my TV show where I play a model in Paris who is married to George Clooney but no such luck. I have been busy bribing my son to use the potty, learning everything in the world about dinosaurs since that is all Riley talks about and getting very close to booking several TV pilots. Riley is still not potty trained, I didn’t book a pilot but I know that the word Dinosaur means “terrible lizard” and that one of the smallest dinosaurs was called the Saltopus so all is not lost! I got that going for me. As much as I was disappointed that I didn’t book a pilot, Life is pretty great. I know the right job is around the corner and I have a great family and friends who make me laugh all the time. AND speaking of the right job I have just had some very exciting news this week. I will be hosting The Singing Bee for CMT and I am so thrilled. It’s such a fun show and it will be like I get to go to Karaoke every night!!! The production team our all really nice and I couldn’t be happier. So stay tuned. I start shooting at the end of May and I think it will premiere on CMT this summer but I will keep you posted. I love me some CMT!!!! What else, I hope everyone is watching The Lifetime Movie Network, they have a new girl hosting their special movie nights and I hear she is hilarious! The show is called the Sugar Shack and I think you should check it out! HMMMMMM I feel like I should have more news since I have been away from you for so long. Oh I shot a web series for Sony called “Dusty Peacock” Very funny!!!! I will keep you posted as to when that will be up on the Sony website. I got to attend the Celebrity Fight Night. A wonderful night in honor of Muhammad Ali that raises money for so many great charities. What an event. I got to perform in front of Josh Grobin, Forrest Whitaker, John Corbett, Reba and get this……. I GOT TO INTRODUCE JON BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!! And he KISSSED ME ON MY CHEEK!!!!! I know!!!!!! I am thinking of getting a t-shirt made that says that and wearing it to my high-school reunion. Such a cool event and I was thrilled to be among so much talent and to know that so much money was raised for charity. PS I have a little crush on Josh Grobin now…and John Corbett……..and Forrest Whitaker…….and Muhammad Ali…..and Jon Bon Jovi. So if you see them tell them to call me. HMMMMMMMMM what else? My sister is married; her beach wedding became an indoor wedding, as there was a huge rainstorm on her wedding day. But we all pulled together and the wedding was beautiful. Riley carried the rings and 2 dinosaurs. The traditional wedding triceratops. My mother-in-law came to visit and was a delight. She is a wonderful person and is the easiest guest in the world. Just have some bridge mix and CNN and she is a happy camper. I guess I am trying to make myself sound busy so you will forgive me for being a bad blogger! I am back on track I promise!!!! I really love and appreciate all of you.


Melissa Peterman

PS An adult Tyrannosaurus Rex would be over 40 feet long.

At my sisters weddiing!

At my sisters weddiing!

Melissa’s Bloggiest Blog

Monday, February 16th, 2009

February, 16 2009 3:14pm



Hello Gang!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day and gave and got lots of love.  I had a great Valentines Day.  You know you have been married almost ten years when you no longer get lingerie or chocolate from your hubby.  I got a food chopper.  You heard me. A FOOD CHOPPER. Granted it was the really cool one they advertise on late-night TV and yes I saw it and said I want one of those but I think a food chopper is more of an Anniversary gift.  In his defense, I also got some perfume and lotion that I really love and we went out for a grown-up dinner where you don’t get crayons from the hostess when you’re seated.  All in all a very successful Valentines Day when you have been together 13 years.  Riley had the best Valentines Day of all, he got candy and a giant rubber crocodile and he thought that was the bomb! Nothing says love like reptiles to a three year old. 


I hope you enjoyed my episode of Rita Rocks.  I really had a great time with the cast and hope I get to do more.  I really don’t have too much going on. Auditioning and auditioning.  I did get new headshots done and that was very fun.  Brett Freedman (Reba’s make-up artist) did my make-up so I was feeling super fancy and Kate Romero ( did my pictures and she is really great so I was happy with how they turned out.  I will post some of them on the site.  I cut my hair a little more and it’s the shortest it’s been in awhile but it needed it.  I really miss touring with Reebs and Kelly but was lucky enough to get to have dinner with them last week and was so much fun to hang with my girls again.  I am loving Kelly’s new single and can’t wait for the album to drop…that’s what they say in the music biz.  I am mostly hanging out with my boys and staying out of all the rain here.  Anywho just wanted to say hi oh and if you see the You Tube video of Melissa Peterman after the dentist, I was doing a parody of the cutest kid ever David and the video of him after his trip to the dentist…so just know I was just playing. I promise. Since I am not shooting anything on TV I have to do something to keep those juices going.  Brett took it after my headshot session and we we’re laughing so much we could hardly get through it. And I got one of those new flip video recorders so beware!! I am an actor with no gig and time on my hands so stay tuned for some more videos.  Maybe one that includes me using my new Food Chopper! Have a great day my friends !!!!!!!


Melissa P 

Melissa’s Blog February 4, 2009

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Good Morning friends,

Melissa here. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and a wonderful morning. I know I am. I am feeling like a very accomplished mother. I made Riley eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Sure, he is eating them in front of the TV watching “The Land Before Time” but learning about dinosaurs is very educational.  It’s not like he’s watching E! True Hollywood Stories.  Anywho just wanted to let you all know that my episode of “Rita Rocks” airs this Monday, February 9th on Lifetime at 8:30.  So please check it out and if you liked me on the show let Lifetime know. Speaking of Lifetime, I hope you all are enjoying the Lover’s Lane promotional spots that are airing now.  I thought they turned out really cute.  And isn’t Jessie adorable?!  And his show was so great too! I loved it. I just watched the finale.  I have some exciting news! I cut my hair! Just a few inches but it was a big step for me.  I wish my exciting news was more exciting but you got to work with what you got. Also, if you are surfing the net. Check out That is Brett Freedman’s make-up website.  He is Reba’s make-up artist and has created his own line and I am one of the MODELS!!! I just like saying that sentence.  I AM A MODEL!!! But one who eats too much and has to be photo shopped a little more.  BUT STILL A MODEL!!!! Plus his products are great. If your pale like me and learned that red and peeling isn’t the sun-kissed look you were going for, you should try his Summerskin.  It is awesome and stays on until you scrub it off and you look really naturally tan not orange.   Ok enough commercials for me this morning.  Have a great day!  I am going to take my son outside and in the fresh air where there are no TVS… least for awhile anyway!


Melissa p.

Melissa’s Blog.

Saturday, January 31st, 2009

January 31, 2009

10:21 am


Hello my friends and as you can see I have not kept my promise of blogging once a week but the good news I was extremely busy auditioning all over! The bad news is I haven’t booked anything.  It has been a very up and down couple of weeks for me and just when I get frustrated and want to became a veterinarian, I am reminded how blessed I am and that there are so many more important things happening in the world and many people are suffering far more than me.  I know right now many Americans are worrying about paying their mortgage and putting food on the table.  So not booking a pilot seems a tad silly in perspective. Ok, more than a tad silly, what’s more than a tad? A Tob silly? A Tod silly? I know, a TON silly! I know The right thing is waiting for me and I did my best but it’s a little frustrating when you go to studio and then go to network, they have narrowed the search down to 3 girls, you are nervous for a week, you go do it and then NO ONE gets the part! NO ONE and I am telling you those other girls are fantastic actresses who work all the time and all 3 of us would have been great.   I am sure it was just not the right fit for whatever reason but still disappointing.

On the good side I filmed my episode of “Rita Rocks” and so happy to report the cast and crew are lovely and kind and extremely generous.  I was shooting it the week of my studio test and they rearranged THEIR schedule for me!  How cool was that to work around the guest star?! Nicole Sullivan was so fun to work with and we truly had a blast so look out for the episode. I hope I get to do more.  Also starting today on Lifetime are the Valentines promos I recently shot and they are super funny and I got to hang with “The Diet Tribes” super hot trainer Jessie. When you see the promos you will see our amazing chemistry. I am pretty sure he has a crush on me! I hate it when I have to break hearts.  I am sure he will get over me in time. 

What else, have I got! I loved watching the inauguration and was so inspired by Obamas speech and I never want to get political but no matter what your personal politics are I think the message of service and community and the feeling around the country of hope and change was catching.  Riley is getting bigger and bigger and is so much fun.  Still not potty trained but I am hoping he was inspired by Obamas speech of hope to get out of the diaper and on to the toilet as part of his service to America and his mother.  I have had several more auditions that went really well and I am hopeful that something is around the bend for me in my career.  I hope it’s soon because I am getting tired of having to wear make-up everyday and make sure I have clean clothes to wear!   I will keep you all posted on how the auditions go and when I know an airdate for Rita Rocks I will let you know.  John, Riley and I are off to Home Depot to get rocks for the backyard and maybe some plants, another glamorous day in Hollywood but if I am good John will get me one of those hot-dogs they sell out front.  OH, and John and I went to our first movie in the theater since Riley was born and it was “Slumdog Millionaire”… GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!! I mean it, one of my top ten movies of all time.  Hard to see the poverty but ultimately so up-lifting and an incredible love story! I loved it, and I cried like a baby. 

Gotta go my friends, Have a wonderful weekend! 

God Bless.

Melissa P

Melissa’s First Blog Of 2009!!!!!

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009



Well hello friends and Happy New Year! I know you are probably wondering what has happened to me and where have I been.  I have been back to Minnesota for the Holidays, Christmas shopping, making countless gingerbread men with Riley, freezing my behind off, learning to use my new blackberry, seeing relatives, opening presents, trying to potty train Riley, eating countless gingerbread men, cleaning, auditioning, coming back to LA, cleaning, trying to work off countless gingerbread men, eating, unpacking, shooting more Valentines promos for Lifetime, painting our deck, falling asleep at 11:30 on New Years Eve, and just generally being busy and lazy at the same time which is easier than it sounds.  First off, I had a lovely time back in MN with my family. It was freezing cold and Riley is such a California kid he would not wear boots, mittens or a hat and had very little interest in the snow so my plans of building snowmen and playing outside were thwarted (I didn’t mind that much, did I mention it was freezing!!!) we saw all of our family and it was so much fun to see Riley really connectting with all his cousins and aunts and uncles and of course Grandmas and Grandpa.  He was spoiled rotten! But what can you do? I found out my pilot “Living With Abandon” was not picked up which is disappointing but was a fantastic experience as I really liked the cast and thought it turned out great.  So I am back hustling for work.  I am shooting a guest spot next week for “Rita Rocks” on Lifetime. I will be playing Nicole Sullivans sister and am looking forward to that so stay tuned.  I also did some more fun promos for Lifetime and will be doing some more work for them in the future.  And best of all I am opening for Reba this weekend in Las Vegas at the New Orleans Casino and can”t wait to be with my BF again. We will really miss having Kelly Clarkson along but she’s busy with her new album coming out.  I say forget the new album and hang with me and Reebs all the time but that’s probably why I don’t have a music career or manage people who have music careers.  Anywho her new album is FANTASTIC!!! So look for it.  What else have I got for you?  I am excited about 2009 and feel like this will be a great year. I know that with the economy things feel scary but for some reason I feel super hopeful. Maybe it’s knowing that I have had money and have not had money and had steady jobs and not had steady jobs and now I don’t know week to week if I have work or not but the things that made life happy for me have been there no matter what. Family, friends, laughter, love, and that the things that made the hoilidays for me cost nothing.  I know I am dangerously close to sounding like a Hallmark card but hey I have had 2 cups of coffee and a bag of M&M’s and I am feeling fine. I promise I will blog once a week even if I have nothing to talk about how except how much I love my vacuum cleaner.  Happy New Year!


Melissa peterman



Last Weekend On The Road Blog

Monday, November 24th, 2008

Well, It’s Monday Morning and once again I am so happy to be sitting here in my own house listening to Riley chatter about dinosaurs and elephants and know that I don’t have to pack a suitcase again until we head back to MN for Christmas.  But I am also feeling a little sad because the Reba and Kelly tour is officially over and it truly was a really special time for everyone involved.  It was one of those experiences that you have in life that you will talk about forever. I am sure my family And friends will get sick of me telling stories about the time I toured with Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson….I can already hear it “Yes, Melissa!! We KNOW YOU WERE ON THE TWO WORLDS TWO VOICES TOUR IN 2009!!!!”….OR “MOTHER!!!PLEASE STOP DOING YOUR ACT FOR MY FRIENDS!!! THAT WAS 15 YEARS AGO!! LET IT GO”…oh well. A person can’t help talking about something they loved doing.  One reason I am a little sad is I don’t know if I will ever get to see Reba and Kelly sing together on stage again and if you saw the show you know what I am talking about. It was ridiculous how good they sounded.  When they did “Up To the Mountain” and “The Greatest Man” or “Beautiful Disaster” I mean COME ON people can it get any better?  I don’t think so..unless they came to your house, made you dinner, did the dishes, vacuumed the house, sang for you, made you dessert, rubbed your feet, tucked you into bed and then sang you to sleep, tiptoed out of the house and left you a cake and some cash.  That MIGHT be a little better….I am sure Kelly and Reba will work together again in some capacity but there will never be another concert like this one.  And I know I might sound like a parent talking about their own kid, but this was a really fantastic show.  I have seen a ton of concerts and I love music and this truly was one of the best shows ever…and I am not talking about my part in it I am talking about the music, the band, how much chemistry Kelly and Reba had, I really think that no matter if you were a Reba or a Kelly fan you walked out of the show happy.  I am also sad because you really become a family when you travel together so much and I am going to miss my little tour family.  Brett and Terry made me laugh everyday and we just figured out that I should be the navigator when Terry drives.  And I can’t believe it’s over and I am finally beating Reba at Backgammon!!!! I don’t want to brag but I beat her 6 times this last weekend.  The student surpasses the teacher! Anywho, it is a bittersweet morning for me.  But if it had to end I am glad it ended with such a great weekend of shows. It started out with a bang on Thursday night in Columbus, Ohio. “Go Buckeyes”!!  It was a super fun crowd. I am telling you football fans are great audience members because they are not afraid to get loud and that’s the way I like it!  A big shout out to a very good sport and front row sitter Big Brown and his daughter too.  Thanks for playing.  We spent the night and had a great time the next day in Columbus, we had a wonderful lunch at “Lindeys” or is it “Lindseys” Please forgive me if I am saying it wrong.  But it was a beautiful restaurant and the food was awesome and the service excellent…and as a former waitress of many years I so appreciate great service…sure it might be because I am sitting at a table with Reba McEntire but in this case I don’t think so, this staff seemed on top of everything. I would love to go back.  We shopped a little and I have to say I thought Columbus was really pretty; I would like to spend some more time there.  Maybe I can get a job at Lindeys or is it Lindsey’s?


Next stop was Charlotte, NC.  And I got to see my friend Sarah and her family and friends before the show.  It was really good to see them and she is looking so cute, she is pregnant and adorable.  She also gave me an incredible gift.  She made a collage of photos from the tour that she gathered from fans and put them together and framed it. I LOVE it! Thank you Sarah it is the perfect keepsake.  I will be hanging it today. I hope you and your mom and sister and Stephanie enjoyed the show. And Stephanie I hope your second concert ever was as good as the first!  We flew out that night to Baltimore and we were all really tired I think everyone went right to bed.  I lived in Baltimore for bout 7 months in 1999/2000 so I was excited to be back.  I woke up pretty early the next day and started exploring.  The inner harbor was as cool as ever and so many more shops and things to do.  It was also the Thanksgiving Parade that day.  I walked to one of my favorite places in Baltimore and where John and I spent a lot of time. Little Italy.  I went to Vacarros of course.  Got a mochachino, bought cookies.  Then Terry, Brett and I had lunch at De Mimmos.  DELICIOUS! As good as I remember.  We then drove over to Hampden.  I wish I was still hungry because I remembered how much I love Holy Frijoles.  But we shopped instead of eating.  And we made quite a haul at The Red Tree.  Cutest store EVER!!! I wish I had a bigger suitcase because I could have done all my Christmas shopping there. That whole street had even more cute little stores that I remember.  Well, the show that night was pretty emotional for everyone.  People were excited to be going home to their families but sad too because it was going to be over.  There were pranks played that night and everyone was a little giddy and silly. Lot’s of pictures taken for sure.  It was a great show and Kelly and Reba and the bands enjoyed every last second of their time together on stage and rocked it out.  So thank you Baltimore for giving the tour a phenomenal send-off.  And thank you big John for being such a great sport. And Jamie it was so great to finally meet you, I hope you and Brook had fun.


We had an after show party and we danced and ate and drank and hugged and ate and danced and ate and took picture and ate.  It was really fun. 


So Monday morning, and the tour is all over and I am thinking about getting ready to host 20 people for thanksgiving and all of the cleaning and shopping I need to do and thinking what’s next for me? Will the pilot get picked up? Will I ever work again?  Is that a dried raisin stuck in the rug? Do people like yams? Who did I tell to bring rolls?  I look at my little boy and realize none of that matters. I have much to be Thankful for and what is next for me is in God’s hands and I just remembered I told Pete to bring rolls.  So instead of writing my To DO list I am going to do this list first.



For Riley, who just brought me flowers from the front yard.

For my family,

For giving me so many friends who love me even when I don’t call back right away.

For the opportunity to make people laugh.

For Riley.


Well, I gotta go.  I will have more later I am sure. Lot’s going on in this big blonde head. So goodbye for now and THANKS.

Melissa P



November,8 2008

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Well, it’s Monday morning; I am back in LA after another great weekend on the road with Miss Reba and KC. I just made Riley some French toast and he is watching Charlie Brown right now. So I am feeling good about making him a homemade breakfast but a little guilty about letting watch a DVD while he eats it.  What can you do? 1 out of 2 ain’t bad! Anywho, this was a really special weekend on the road for me.  First of all, I had missed the last weekend because of shooting the pilot, which went awesome by the way and was so excited to be back with my girls and second of all I had a lot of great people coming to see the shows..I will get to them in a minute.  The shows were so much fun and I had so many wonderful fans out there with signs and that always makes me happy who doesn’t like to see there name on a sign?!! Unless it says something like “Melissa Sucks” that would not be so much fun but thankfully I didn’t see any of those. Albany was a great crowd..I don’t know what they’re drinking but I want some if it! They were ready to have fun and party. A shout out to “Big Bill” in the front row. He was a great sport.  I also have my own guitar picks that Terry Fox, one of the backstage crew heroes, had made for me and I love them.  I threw them out this weekend and felt like a rockstar.  Friday night was Cleveland and Cleveland ROCKS! I so loved it there and wish we stayed the night because I wanted to go to the rock and roll hall of fame..I have never been.  I have a lot of friends who have lived there (not in the rock and roll hall of fame but in Cleveland) and just loved it so I really want to come back and explore.  I also got to meet my sister’s future in-laws.  They live there and came to the show so Thanks for coming Judy and Dave Kowalski! I look forward to seeing you again and I can’t wait for Matthew to join the family and I hope after seeing the show you aren’t scared to have me at the wedding! I promise to behave! Matthew is a great guy and he makes my sissy happy so that makes me happy. We flew out right after the show and headed to Grand Rapids, MI.  And I loved having the day there to explore a little. I thought the city was beautiful and reminded me a lot of Minneapolis.  We went to the gaslight villiage and we found a really cool antique store and I shopped.  I also ordered a drum set for Riley for Christmas (Reba thinks I’m crazy) but he is going to love it and it’s super cool.  He is already a loud child (imagine) so I figured a drum set can’t be that much worse.  The show that night was fantastic.  First of all I had 2 very special guests there.  Riley and Janet.  Riley is a great guy who runs and is a super-fan and a super-friend.  He does such a great job with the website I thought it was run by a 35 year-old web-designer not someone still in high-school! He is probably a genius and he brought me candy so he is pretty much perfect in my book.  So Riley and his mom Janet (who drove him to the show from Canada, BIG MOTHERS DAY PRESENT FOR HER) came backstage before the show and hung out for a while.  Riley also gave me a beautiful book that he compiled from my fans that made me cry.  So thank you Riley, and thank you all the fans from that was really sweet and I will treasure it.  And a thank you to Kathy for the shirt! So awesome.  AND I know I am saying thanks a lot but a very big thanks to “Big Bob” in the front row! I love my necklace and the sweet note.  I hope your group had a great time at the show! You all made my night.  I have only 2 more weekends with Reba and Kelly and I am already getting sad. This has been one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to be a part of and I don’t want it to end.  But I will enjoy every minute of the next two weekends on the road and if we’re coming near you get your tickets now! Have a fantastic day!


Melissa P

October 29, 2008

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Good Morning friends! I am so sorry I have been out of contact for so long but it has been a very busy couple of weeks filled with little boys birthdays, little boys with fevers, touring with KC and Reebs, auditions, making cakes, Pittsburgh, Reading, Grand Forks, Minneapolis, Moline, plane issues, booking a pilot presentation for FOX, shooting an episode of “Surviving Suburbia, eating birthday cake and 1 bag of Halloween candy and fighting a cold.  But all is good and Riley had a fantastic Birthday! (Thanks Aunt Reba for the circus Lego set, it’s what is keeping him busy as I write this)


Where to start!!! First off I would like to thank Henry Cho for filling in for me on the 2 worlds 2 voices tour in Fort Wayne.  I so missed being there with everyone but I know you were great! Everyone told me how funny and nice you were….over and over again……I GET IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!And a thank you in advance for filling in at the last moment for this coming weekend while I shoot this TV pilot.  Have a blast, and remember Cho, Reba LOVES it when people eat food off her plate and drink from her glass…oh and she thinks it’s hilarious when people hide her purse.  And Kelly LOVES to be tickled so go for it.  Oh, and the band Likes it when you mess around and play there instruments and then leave them on the floor.  HAVE FUN!


So I will not be opening up for Reebs and KC this weekend.  I am so bummed out about missing the shows and I was so excited about doing a show on Halloween with my girls! I had a costume all planned.  But the good news is that I am missing the shows because I am doing a TV pilot that I really hope gets picked up by FOX. It’s called “Living with Abandon” and it is really funny and I am very excited about it. I will keep you posted.  So I am sorry Charlottesville, State College and Bridgeport! I would have loved to be there.  I know Reebs and KC will put on a brave face and go on without me but I know they will miss me!!!! There might even be a few tears.  Probably on the inside, but tears nonetheless.  So cheer extra loud for them this weekend so they will forget that the three musketeers are only 2.


What else? So much the last two weekends of the show have been so much fun! I do owe an apology to Grand Forks! I came out on stage and said What’s Up Grand Rapids!!! I almost died because as soon as the words left my mouth I knew they were wrong!! In my defense, right before I went on stage Tom, our stage manager was talking about the Grand Rapids show and it messed with mind!!! So I knew where I was my in my head but it came out wrong in my mouth!! So I am so sorry Grand FORKS!!! But blame Tom. It was his fault. And I thank you for forgiving me and being a fantastic audience.  I will name my next baby Grand Forks for you. 


Oh and I just want to say that I loved Pittsburg. What a beautiful city and the people were so nice.  I would love to spend more time there for sure.  And the Fish Market restaurant was awesome.  I also got to give my hometown a shout-out! I got to perform at the Target center in Minneapolis, MN and it was an absolute thrill to be home and to be part of such a great show.  I will admit I was so nervous.  It is always way more stressful to perform in front of family and friends than strangers.  But it was a great night. And whoever threw me that Red Reba wig in the front row, THANK YOU!!! That was so awesome and so funny.  I want you to come to every show and do that! My parents, and Aunts and sister-in laws and my nieces were all there.  And it was so much fun to have them see the show.  Reebs and KC blew them away and I was really proud to show them off.  Thanks to the St. Paul Hotel for the fantastic lunch that we had there the day of the show.  4 stars as always.  And thank you Bev’s Wine Bar for hosting my after-show party. It was great.  I will be back.  I will post some pics of that show when my dad sends them to me.  The next night was Moline, IL. And that was quite a night.  We had some plane problems and ended up being about an hour late to the show.  It was pretty stressful for everyone because we hated to keep people waiting, but we got there safely and that is what counts.  Because we were so late I didn’t get to do my opening act, which was a bummer for me because…well…because I just love doing it! But I still got to come out and do Survivor and the crowd was so nice to me.  And I know that Reebs and KC were so appreciative of the fans patience that night and for their enthusiasm once the show started.  No one cared about the delay once Reba and Kelly started singing! A shout out to a great fan, Melissa! I know you were at the Moline show and I am sorry we didn’t get to meet. 


Well, gotta go. I have rehearsal for the pilot.  Thanks to all the fans who have made signs for me at the shows, I Love seeing them! And I will be back on the road next weekend and I can’t wait.  Have a fantastic day, and remember to vote this Tuesday!

And have a spooky and fun Halloween.  And if anyone dresses up as Barbra Jean , I WANT PICTURES!!


Melissa P

On the Road with Kelly and Reba!

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

So I just finished my 2nd weekend out with Kelly and Reba and it was an absolute blast! We played Boise, Idaho on Thursday and it was so much fun.  We were at Boise State University (The only campus to have a blue football field) and the crowd was ready to have a good time.  I want to thank Derek the security guard for giving me so much good info on Boise, and for not laughing at me every time I couldn’t open up the wardrobe trunk.  Kelly and Reba were on fire that night…you can tell they love performing together…but I am not worried, I know Reebs is still my BFF and it’s only a matter of time before we record together.  After Boise, we were off to Salt Lake City (home of one of my first crushes Donny Osmond) I don’t know if he still lives there but I know that there are Osmond’s in Utah and I tried really hard to find me one, but no such luck.  First off, Utah is beautiful, and it’s not just the mountains the people are too.  I don’t know if it’s the altitude or what but I thought the people were extremely good looking.  Big shout out to the Gateway Mall!!! LOVED IT.  I shopped a lot!! Even though I miss having my little boy on the road with me I will admit it was sort of nice to be in the Gap without a three-year old tearing the place up and me chasing after him trying to refold everything and picking up goldfish crackers and raisins.   Also, I had my good friend Jackie come to see me at the show.  And all I will say about Jackie is that she is an amazing person who I feel so blessed to know.  I thought the show in Salt Lake City was one of the best ever! The audience was so great and I made my Reba break on stage and she got me too! I love those moments when we can’t stop laughing.  She had snuck up behind me and I was startled and told her she needed to wear a bell around her neck so she wouldn’t scare people. I think you had to be there…anywho the crowd was crazy loud and on it’s feet and the energy in the room was insane.  Thanks Salt Lake City!!! Our last night was in Reno, Nevada and once again what a fun night.  I had friends in the crowd, which always makes me nervous! But all in all in was another great weekend and can I just say I have the best job in the world! I know how lucky I am to laugh and be with people I love and get paid for it!!! And I do want to thank all the fans out there that make my job so worth it and I think I am going to start hitting the lobbies of the venues again to interview fans and talk to people, so if you see a giant blonde wandering around at the next Kelly and Reba concert, that’s me!! Remember I won’t be at the show on October 16th, but I will be there for all the remaining ones!  Gotta go and plan Riley’s 3rd birthday party. Anyone got suggestions on how to make a Merry-Go-Round cake? Also a quick tip from someone who has learned.  When you have an Elmo piñata at your two year olds birthday party and they can’t break it don’t grab a bat and beat Elmo senseless…it will be tears and a lot of explaining that “mommy didn’t kill Elmo”  We had to duck-tape Elmo back together and he carried him around for a week.  So I do know there WILL NOT be a piñata this year.  Have a fantastic day and I will see you on the road.

Melissa P