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Monday, February 16th, 2009

February, 16 2009 3:14pm



Hello Gang!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day and gave and got lots of love.  I had a great Valentines Day.  You know you have been married almost ten years when you no longer get lingerie or chocolate from your hubby.  I got a food chopper.  You heard me. A FOOD CHOPPER. Granted it was the really cool one they advertise on late-night TV and yes I saw it and said I want one of those but I think a food chopper is more of an Anniversary gift.  In his defense, I also got some perfume and lotion that I really love and we went out for a grown-up dinner where you don’t get crayons from the hostess when you’re seated.  All in all a very successful Valentines Day when you have been together 13 years.  Riley had the best Valentines Day of all, he got candy and a giant rubber crocodile and he thought that was the bomb! Nothing says love like reptiles to a three year old. 


I hope you enjoyed my episode of Rita Rocks.  I really had a great time with the cast and hope I get to do more.  I really don’t have too much going on. Auditioning and auditioning.  I did get new headshots done and that was very fun.  Brett Freedman (Reba’s make-up artist) did my make-up so I was feeling super fancy and Kate Romero ( did my pictures and she is really great so I was happy with how they turned out.  I will post some of them on the site.  I cut my hair a little more and it’s the shortest it’s been in awhile but it needed it.  I really miss touring with Reebs and Kelly but was lucky enough to get to have dinner with them last week and was so much fun to hang with my girls again.  I am loving Kelly’s new single and can’t wait for the album to drop…that’s what they say in the music biz.  I am mostly hanging out with my boys and staying out of all the rain here.  Anywho just wanted to say hi oh and if you see the You Tube video of Melissa Peterman after the dentist, I was doing a parody of the cutest kid ever David and the video of him after his trip to the dentist…so just know I was just playing. I promise. Since I am not shooting anything on TV I have to do something to keep those juices going.  Brett took it after my headshot session and we we’re laughing so much we could hardly get through it. And I got one of those new flip video recorders so beware!! I am an actor with no gig and time on my hands so stay tuned for some more videos.  Maybe one that includes me using my new Food Chopper! Have a great day my friends !!!!!!!


Melissa P 

Melissa’s Blog February 4, 2009

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Good Morning friends,

Melissa here. Hope everyone is having a fantastic week and a wonderful morning. I know I am. I am feeling like a very accomplished mother. I made Riley eggs and pancakes for breakfast. Sure, he is eating them in front of the TV watching “The Land Before Time” but learning about dinosaurs is very educational.  It’s not like he’s watching E! True Hollywood Stories.  Anywho just wanted to let you all know that my episode of “Rita Rocks” airs this Monday, February 9th on Lifetime at 8:30.  So please check it out and if you liked me on the show let Lifetime know. Speaking of Lifetime, I hope you all are enjoying the Lover’s Lane promotional spots that are airing now.  I thought they turned out really cute.  And isn’t Jessie adorable?!  And his show was so great too! I loved it. I just watched the finale.  I have some exciting news! I cut my hair! Just a few inches but it was a big step for me.  I wish my exciting news was more exciting but you got to work with what you got. Also, if you are surfing the net. Check out That is Brett Freedman’s make-up website.  He is Reba’s make-up artist and has created his own line and I am one of the MODELS!!! I just like saying that sentence.  I AM A MODEL!!! But one who eats too much and has to be photo shopped a little more.  BUT STILL A MODEL!!!! Plus his products are great. If your pale like me and learned that red and peeling isn’t the sun-kissed look you were going for, you should try his Summerskin.  It is awesome and stays on until you scrub it off and you look really naturally tan not orange.   Ok enough commercials for me this morning.  Have a great day!  I am going to take my son outside and in the fresh air where there are no TVS… least for awhile anyway!


Melissa p.