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Tuesday May 26th 8:30am

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Good morning my friends I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! I worked on the Singing Bee Saturday and Sunday but had memorial day off and had friends over for BBQ and fun. I am back at work and loving the BEE! I just wanted to let everyone know that my twitter account is Followtheblonde. I have never had a twitter account until about a week ago and this is my only account. I have been informed that there is someone who is claiming to be me but the only twitter account that I have is Followtheblonde where I said this morning I would tell you on this website the name of my sisters dog. She has a cocker-spanial named Tilly and we call her Tilly Toot. So I hope this proves that melissa petermans twitter is Followtheblonde. But hey I can’t promise that I am more interesting to follow so you might want to stick with the imposters they may be more fun! I wish they would come help me clean my house.
Have a great day all!!!

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Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Melissa’s Blog: May 20, 2009 11:00am

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Good Morning Friends!!!

I am sitting outside on another gorgeous Los Angeles Day and watching Riley swim in the pool. Life really can’t get much better than this. Well, unless at the same time someone was inside cleaning my house and making me lunch but I will take what I can get. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day. I know I did. I got to sleep late and had some lovely presents and went on a picnic with Riley and John. It was perfect! I am very busy getting ready to start taping the Singing Bee for CMT and am really excited about it. It is a really fun show and the people involved are super nice. There will be a sneak Peek of the show after the CMT awards on June 16th and then it will start airing on Saturday Nights on CMT so please check it out. You can go to for more details. And if your in Los Angeles please come see me at a taping! I would love that! What else is new? I am not happy about the fact that my pants are getting tight. I so need to get back to working out but I have to admit I have been very lazy and enjoying food, especially pizza and anything Riley leaves on his plate. Why would a person ever leave French fries on their plate!!!! They are French Fries!!!! The most perfect food in the world!!! And of course I just can’t leave them all alone on the plate, that’s wasteful. Times are tough people!!!!! We can’t waste!!!! Anywho I am back on the food wagon but there will be a little more of me to love on the Singing Bee. My muffin tops have muffin tops of there own. I have been loving American Idol again this year and can’t wait for the finale tonight. I am a little disappointed that Alyson isn’t in the finals I thought she was amazing and reminded me of my favorite Idol of all time a certain Kelly Clarkson! Who I miss seeing every weekend on tour with Reba. That truly was the most fun I ever had. I am looking forward to going back to Minnesota this summer and spending time with my family. I really miss seeing them and I so love being back home. I love it when Riley sees family everyday. I am also doing a charity event on July 20th here in LA for a theater company I have been involved in called Buzzworks. It’s a great non-profit theater committed to doing new plays. And the event will be so fun. It’s going to be a salute to the 80’s and we will be doing a parody/staged reading of the Breakfast Club. I will be playing Molly Ringwalds part. So again if you live in Los Angeles please come. I will have more details as the event gets closer. HMMMMMMMMMMM I wish I had more exciting news for everyone. OHHHH I know my ten year anniversary is coming up on June 5th. I can’t believe it!!!! Ten years!!! The only thing I can say is if someone can make you laugh chances are you can get through anything. And John still makes me laugh. Oh I know. I got to be a part of Reba’s A&E biography. They interviewed me last week in Nashville and I was honored to be asked to be a part of it. It was very cool and I did cry once. Okay maybe twice. But I think it’s going to be a great show. I don’t know when they will air it on A&E but be on the lookout for it. I am going to have to think about showering soon as I am having lunch with one of my favorite people in a couple hours. My BF, Reebs! I have been missing her as she has been very busy and all over the place. So I am looking forward to catching up with her. What else? And I am not just putting off taking a shower. I guess I am just wishing everyone a laugh today, maybe even an extra French fry off a friends plate or getting to share lunch with someone who makes you happy. I am grateful for so many things I have been blessed with and right now I have to go towel off my favorite one. He is done swimming and wants a popsicle.


Melissa P

Ps Thank you Marsha for the dinosaurs! Riley is in T-rex heaven!

Melissa’s Mothers Day Blog:

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Happy Mothers Day! This will be my third Mothers day being a mom and I can’t imagine what my life was like before I became a mother. I am pretty sure I slept better and I know for sure I had never been peed on while changing a diaper and the things I worried about seem so silly now, but beyond that I honestly can’t remember what I did before Riley came into our life. Don’t get me wrong, everyday is not full of magical moments and making cookies and hallmark cards. Some days I lose my patience. Some days I wake up with every intention of taking him to the library and the park and the museum but instead I give him a roll of painters tape and let him tape himself and the dog together. And to be honest I think he enjoyed that just as much. And you know what? I think that’s ok. The most important thing I have learned from becoming a mom is that Mom’s need to give themselve’s a break. I see other mothers so stressed out and trying so hard to be perfect and while I wish I had the time to make homemade organic trail mix for Riley and teach him French I would rather give him some store-bought raisins and teach him to say Thank-you….in any language would be fine. I guess I am saying I don’t think Riley cares if I am perfect. All he wants is to be with me. He wants me to play with him. He wants me to be silly. Those things I can do. I can’t make him organic meals everyday. Ok I could. I just don’t want too. And for the moms who do I applaud you! That’s another thing I have learned. Mothers need to give OTHER mothers a break too. We all do things different. Our priorities are not the same. Our methods and choices aren’t like everyone else’s. My priorities are that Riley be kind, that he knows there is a whole world around him with different people and ideas, that he is happy, that he laughs, that he feels secure in the knowledge that we love him unconditionally. That we love him enough to say no.

I also want to take a moment to thank my mom. Thank You mom for always making me believe that I could do anything I dreamed. I don’t think I could have chosen a career filled with rejection and no job security if I hadn’t been raised to believe in myself. So thanks Pam! You’re a wonderful mother and a SUPER grandma. I love you very much. And yes It’s true. We do turn into our mothers. I now love going to Michael’s Craft store and getting my craft on. Thanks Pam!

I truly know I am a mom because I have found myself saying to Riley when he says “That’s not fair”..”Well, write a letter to your governor”. I know. I am saying things like that a lot. And proud of it.

So for everyone out there have a fantastic Mothers Day! Whether you’re a mom, a daughter, the super-cool aunt, the honorary auntie or the best-friend of a mom who lends an ear and a hand and sometimes a much-needed margarita, Enjoy the day and remember sometimes a roll of painters tape is an afternoon of fun and that organic trial mix would taste so much better with M&M’s or skittles in it!


Melissa p

PS. I am pretty sure Riley will give me a dinosaur for Mothers Day and I am pretty sure I will Love it!

Melissa’s Blog, May 5, 2009. 11:30 am

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Hello my friends, I know what your thinking. Two blogs in 3 days what is happening? I just really felt like I needed to say something to my fans out there. Some of you may have guessed that I did “The Sugar Shack” for The Lifetime Movie Network and it aired this weekend. I was disappointed to see that for some of the LMN viewers it was not received in the spirit in which it was meant. It was supposed to be a fun, celebration of everyone out there who loves Lifetime Movies (I myself am one of those people which is why I thought it was such a great and fun idea) and I still think it is. I hope you know I take all the feedback and comments the viewers write and take them to heart. We are always working to make things better. And for those of you who liked it, Thanks so much. Now I gotta run, because I have a performance to do for a 3 year old who still thinks I do an amazing T-Rex impression.


Have an wonderful day.

Melissa P

Melissa’s Blog. May 3rd, 5:30pm

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Well Happy May Day my friends, even if it is a few days late. But seeing as I haven’t updated my blog in about a hundred years I think being late seems to be my thing! Well I wish I had fantastic reasons for being so out of touch, like I was in Paris working the runways, or doing a movie with George Clooney in Mexico or working on my TV show where I play a model in Paris who is married to George Clooney but no such luck. I have been busy bribing my son to use the potty, learning everything in the world about dinosaurs since that is all Riley talks about and getting very close to booking several TV pilots. Riley is still not potty trained, I didn’t book a pilot but I know that the word Dinosaur means “terrible lizard” and that one of the smallest dinosaurs was called the Saltopus so all is not lost! I got that going for me. As much as I was disappointed that I didn’t book a pilot, Life is pretty great. I know the right job is around the corner and I have a great family and friends who make me laugh all the time. AND speaking of the right job I have just had some very exciting news this week. I will be hosting The Singing Bee for CMT and I am so thrilled. It’s such a fun show and it will be like I get to go to Karaoke every night!!! The production team our all really nice and I couldn’t be happier. So stay tuned. I start shooting at the end of May and I think it will premiere on CMT this summer but I will keep you posted. I love me some CMT!!!! What else, I hope everyone is watching The Lifetime Movie Network, they have a new girl hosting their special movie nights and I hear she is hilarious! The show is called the Sugar Shack and I think you should check it out! HMMMMMM I feel like I should have more news since I have been away from you for so long. Oh I shot a web series for Sony called “Dusty Peacock” Very funny!!!! I will keep you posted as to when that will be up on the Sony website. I got to attend the Celebrity Fight Night. A wonderful night in honor of Muhammad Ali that raises money for so many great charities. What an event. I got to perform in front of Josh Grobin, Forrest Whitaker, John Corbett, Reba and get this……. I GOT TO INTRODUCE JON BON JOVI!!!!!!!!!! And he KISSSED ME ON MY CHEEK!!!!! I know!!!!!! I am thinking of getting a t-shirt made that says that and wearing it to my high-school reunion. Such a cool event and I was thrilled to be among so much talent and to know that so much money was raised for charity. PS I have a little crush on Josh Grobin now…and John Corbett……..and Forrest Whitaker…….and Muhammad Ali…..and Jon Bon Jovi. So if you see them tell them to call me. HMMMMMMMMM what else? My sister is married; her beach wedding became an indoor wedding, as there was a huge rainstorm on her wedding day. But we all pulled together and the wedding was beautiful. Riley carried the rings and 2 dinosaurs. The traditional wedding triceratops. My mother-in-law came to visit and was a delight. She is a wonderful person and is the easiest guest in the world. Just have some bridge mix and CNN and she is a happy camper. I guess I am trying to make myself sound busy so you will forgive me for being a bad blogger! I am back on track I promise!!!! I really love and appreciate all of you.


Melissa Peterman

PS An adult Tyrannosaurus Rex would be over 40 feet long.

At my sisters weddiing!

At my sisters weddiing!