October 29, 2008

Good Morning friends! I am so sorry I have been out of contact for so long but it has been a very busy couple of weeks filled with little boys birthdays, little boys with fevers, touring with KC and Reebs, auditions, making cakes, Pittsburgh, Reading, Grand Forks, Minneapolis, Moline, plane issues, booking a pilot presentation for FOX, shooting an episode of “Surviving Suburbia, eating birthday cake and 1 bag of Halloween candy and fighting a cold.  But all is good and Riley had a fantastic Birthday! (Thanks Aunt Reba for the circus Lego set, it’s what is keeping him busy as I write this)


Where to start!!! First off I would like to thank Henry Cho for filling in for me on the 2 worlds 2 voices tour in Fort Wayne.  I so missed being there with everyone but I know you were great! Everyone told me how funny and nice you were….over and over again……I GET IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!And a thank you in advance for filling in at the last moment for this coming weekend while I shoot this TV pilot.  Have a blast, and remember Cho, Reba LOVES it when people eat food off her plate and drink from her glass…oh and she thinks it’s hilarious when people hide her purse.  And Kelly LOVES to be tickled so go for it.  Oh, and the band Likes it when you mess around and play there instruments and then leave them on the floor.  HAVE FUN!


So I will not be opening up for Reebs and KC this weekend.  I am so bummed out about missing the shows and I was so excited about doing a show on Halloween with my girls! I had a costume all planned.  But the good news is that I am missing the shows because I am doing a TV pilot that I really hope gets picked up by FOX. It’s called “Living with Abandon” and it is really funny and I am very excited about it. I will keep you posted.  So I am sorry Charlottesville, State College and Bridgeport! I would have loved to be there.  I know Reebs and KC will put on a brave face and go on without me but I know they will miss me!!!! There might even be a few tears.  Probably on the inside, but tears nonetheless.  So cheer extra loud for them this weekend so they will forget that the three musketeers are only 2.


What else? So much the last two weekends of the show have been so much fun! I do owe an apology to Grand Forks! I came out on stage and said What’s Up Grand Rapids!!! I almost died because as soon as the words left my mouth I knew they were wrong!! In my defense, right before I went on stage Tom, our stage manager was talking about the Grand Rapids show and it messed with mind!!! So I knew where I was my in my head but it came out wrong in my mouth!! So I am so sorry Grand FORKS!!! But blame Tom. It was his fault. And I thank you for forgiving me and being a fantastic audience.  I will name my next baby Grand Forks for you. 


Oh and I just want to say that I loved Pittsburg. What a beautiful city and the people were so nice.  I would love to spend more time there for sure.  And the Fish Market restaurant was awesome.  I also got to give my hometown a shout-out! I got to perform at the Target center in Minneapolis, MN and it was an absolute thrill to be home and to be part of such a great show.  I will admit I was so nervous.  It is always way more stressful to perform in front of family and friends than strangers.  But it was a great night. And whoever threw me that Red Reba wig in the front row, THANK YOU!!! That was so awesome and so funny.  I want you to come to every show and do that! My parents, and Aunts and sister-in laws and my nieces were all there.  And it was so much fun to have them see the show.  Reebs and KC blew them away and I was really proud to show them off.  Thanks to the St. Paul Hotel for the fantastic lunch that we had there the day of the show.  4 stars as always.  And thank you Bev’s Wine Bar for hosting my after-show party. It was great.  I will be back.  I will post some pics of that show when my dad sends them to me.  The next night was Moline, IL. And that was quite a night.  We had some plane problems and ended up being about an hour late to the show.  It was pretty stressful for everyone because we hated to keep people waiting, but we got there safely and that is what counts.  Because we were so late I didn’t get to do my opening act, which was a bummer for me because…well…because I just love doing it! But I still got to come out and do Survivor and the crowd was so nice to me.  And I know that Reebs and KC were so appreciative of the fans patience that night and for their enthusiasm once the show started.  No one cared about the delay once Reba and Kelly started singing! A shout out to a great fan, Melissa! I know you were at the Moline show and I am sorry we didn’t get to meet. 


Well, gotta go. I have rehearsal for the pilot.  Thanks to all the fans who have made signs for me at the shows, I Love seeing them! And I will be back on the road next weekend and I can’t wait.  Have a fantastic day, and remember to vote this Tuesday!

And have a spooky and fun Halloween.  And if anyone dresses up as Barbra Jean , I WANT PICTURES!!


Melissa P

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