Melissa’s First Blog Of 2009!!!!!



Well hello friends and Happy New Year! I know you are probably wondering what has happened to me and where have I been.  I have been back to Minnesota for the Holidays, Christmas shopping, making countless gingerbread men with Riley, freezing my behind off, learning to use my new blackberry, seeing relatives, opening presents, trying to potty train Riley, eating countless gingerbread men, cleaning, auditioning, coming back to LA, cleaning, trying to work off countless gingerbread men, eating, unpacking, shooting more Valentines promos for Lifetime, painting our deck, falling asleep at 11:30 on New Years Eve, and just generally being busy and lazy at the same time which is easier than it sounds.  First off, I had a lovely time back in MN with my family. It was freezing cold and Riley is such a California kid he would not wear boots, mittens or a hat and had very little interest in the snow so my plans of building snowmen and playing outside were thwarted (I didn’t mind that much, did I mention it was freezing!!!) we saw all of our family and it was so much fun to see Riley really connectting with all his cousins and aunts and uncles and of course Grandmas and Grandpa.  He was spoiled rotten! But what can you do? I found out my pilot “Living With Abandon” was not picked up which is disappointing but was a fantastic experience as I really liked the cast and thought it turned out great.  So I am back hustling for work.  I am shooting a guest spot next week for “Rita Rocks” on Lifetime. I will be playing Nicole Sullivans sister and am looking forward to that so stay tuned.  I also did some more fun promos for Lifetime and will be doing some more work for them in the future.  And best of all I am opening for Reba this weekend in Las Vegas at the New Orleans Casino and can”t wait to be with my BF again. We will really miss having Kelly Clarkson along but she’s busy with her new album coming out.  I say forget the new album and hang with me and Reebs all the time but that’s probably why I don’t have a music career or manage people who have music careers.  Anywho her new album is FANTASTIC!!! So look for it.  What else have I got for you?  I am excited about 2009 and feel like this will be a great year. I know that with the economy things feel scary but for some reason I feel super hopeful. Maybe it’s knowing that I have had money and have not had money and had steady jobs and not had steady jobs and now I don’t know week to week if I have work or not but the things that made life happy for me have been there no matter what. Family, friends, laughter, love, and that the things that made the hoilidays for me cost nothing.  I know I am dangerously close to sounding like a Hallmark card but hey I have had 2 cups of coffee and a bag of M&M’s and I am feeling fine. I promise I will blog once a week even if I have nothing to talk about how except how much I love my vacuum cleaner.  Happy New Year!


Melissa peterman



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