Melissa’s Blog, May 5, 2009. 11:30 am

Hello my friends, I know what your thinking. Two blogs in 3 days what is happening? I just really felt like I needed to say something to my fans out there. Some of you may have guessed that I did “The Sugar Shack” for The Lifetime Movie Network and it aired this weekend. I was disappointed to see that for some of the LMN viewers it was not received in the spirit in which it was meant. It was supposed to be a fun, celebration of everyone out there who loves Lifetime Movies (I myself am one of those people which is why I thought it was such a great and fun idea) and I still think it is. I hope you know I take all the feedback and comments the viewers write and take them to heart. We are always working to make things better. And for those of you who liked it, Thanks so much. Now I gotta run, because I have a performance to do for a 3 year old who still thinks I do an amazing T-Rex impression.


Have an wonderful day.

Melissa P

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