Tuesday May 26th 8:30am

Good morning my friends I hope everyone had a wonderful long weekend! I worked on the Singing Bee Saturday and Sunday but had memorial day off and had friends over for BBQ and fun. I am back at work and loving the BEE! I just wanted to let everyone know that my twitter account is Followtheblonde. I have never had a twitter account until about a week ago and this is my only account. I have been informed that there is someone who is claiming to be me but the only twitter account that I have is Followtheblonde where I said this morning I would tell you on this website the name of my sisters dog. She has a cocker-spanial named Tilly and we call her Tilly Toot. So I hope this proves that melissa petermans twitter is Followtheblonde. But hey I can’t promise that I am more interesting to follow so you might want to stick with the imposters they may be more fun! I wish they would come help me clean my house.
Have a great day all!!!

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