Melissa’s Blog: June 4, 2009 2:33 pm

Hello my friends,

I hope everyone is enjoying the day. I am sitting outside in lovely Los Angeles and the rain is cleared up some and it is beautiful. I had a call-back for a movie today and I think it went pretty well, It’s hard to tell sometimes but I went in and did my best so what else can you do. Too bad my dad isn’t the director! He would so cast me! Had a great week so far! My husband John had a birthday last Saturday and we went away for a night to a really nice hotel to relax and celebrate. It was the first time we had a hotel room alone without Riley and it was pretty awesome to watch movies that didn’t have dinosaurs in them and order room service popcorn!. I know!!! Who knew you could get popcorn delivered with FRESH MELTED BUTTER!!!! It was like a dream! We had a lovely night and a wonderful dinner and came home to a surprise party that our friends had planned for us for our ten-year anniversary. We arrived too early so we kind of ruined the surprise but it was still pretty great. Thanks so much to our lovely friends (The A Team) for planning such a fun day for us. Tomorrow is our real anniversary and I still can’t believe we have been married ten years. And I am proud to say even when things aren’t perfect we can still make each other laugh and that’s important. We have had a lot of fun together and the best part is we got Riley too. He has truly made us better partners. And we have someone else who makes us laugh everyday. Sure he has a lot of poopy pants jokes but still, pretty funny!!! We are really lucky. I say that everyday. What else is new? I finished taping ten episodes of The Singing Bee for CMT and it was a blast! A lot of work and really long days but so worth it. The show is so fun and I can’t wait for you all to watch it. It will have a special premiere after the CMT awards on June 16th and then move to Saturday nights on CMT after that. So please watch and tell your friends. It’s really fun and I think the whole family will enjoy it. Thanks to the whole Singing Bee crew! You were all so amazing and professional. And thanks to CMT as well, as always you are so good to me. Let’s hope it’s the beginning of a long run. I am also excited to announce I will be presenting at the CMT awards!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO. I can’t wait!!!! What am I going to wear!!!! Who will I get to meet?!!! Super exciting. I am also twittering now. Not sure I am that interesting to follow but it’s been fun I’m still trying to figure it out. You can follow me at Followtheblonde. I will definitely be twittering at the CMT awards. What else can I tell you? Fathers Day is coming up and I have no idea what we are going to do. I always feel bad. Dad’s always seem to get short-changed on these holidays. Moms are easier to buy for. Or maybe that’s just me. Anywho I am thinking about that and hopefully I will get inspired. Gotta go, Riley is about done with letting me be on the computer..I can tell because he is now climbing on my shoulders and saying “stop writing”!!! He is so subtle. Have a beautiful day and talk soon!


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