Melissa’s Blog: June 18, 2009. 3:00pm

Hello my Friends!!!

Where to start? It has been such a wonderful and crazy couple of days. I just got back from Nashville yesterday and it was so much fun. I got to co-host the CMA music festival with Lance Smith on Sunday night and what a show! Miranda Lambert, Sugarland, John Rich, Kenney Chesney, Taylor Swift, Heidi Newfield, Cowboy Troy, and so many amazing performances it was crazy!! I absolutely loved it and I was so pumped up after the show I could barely sleep. I then got to do a meet and greet on Monday and was glad people showed up to meet and greet me. I was a little nervous that people might not come. But they did! And thank you to all of you that waited in line. I met some really fun people. Happy sixteenth birthday Hannah! And Casey, Linda, Hope and Sherry! I loved you guys. I hope you all know that it is such a pleasure to meet and greet you all. I would wait in line for you! And then to top off the trip Tuesday night was the incredible CMT awards followed by the sneak premiere of my new show The Singing Bee. AHHHHHHHHHHHH what a night. First off the CMT awards were rocking and Taylor Swift, can I just say that opening video was THE BOMB!!! So good and so funny. I would totally buy a T-Pain and T Swifty album!!! You were incredible the whole night and I can’t believe your 19. I was trying to grow out my bad bangs when I was 19. If you ever wanna do some comedy with a giant blonde give me a call Taylor! I loved Darius Rucker, and he came up and introduced himself to me and I could hardly speak. He said I was funny and beautiful and I think I said something like “AHHHH thannnks gawwww You so good…errrrrr me love you” Smooth, Melissa. The whole show rocked. Sugarland and The B52’s made my night!!! So cool and the audience lost their minds! Trace Adkins performance was beautiful. Brad Paisley as always was amazing. Def Leopard people!!!!! LOVED IT!!!! Lady Antebellum!!!!! LOVED THEM!!!! Now I am just babbling. It was a blur because the whole night I knew I had to introduce Toby Keith and I was so nervous about falling on stage or being awful that it was hard to concentrate on the show. Plus I was sitting next to Ted Nugent and Dierks Bentley so I had to act cool and collected. Which brings me to my favorite moment of the night KISSING DIERKS BENTLEY!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He was such a good sport and fun to play with. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. I lived a dream for so many ladies out there. And I would like to think that Dierks lived a dream too by getting kissed by Melissa Peterman. I can dream can’t I? Seriously, Thank you Dierks and also thank your wife for letting me have a little fun! I was also nervous about the premiere of The Singing Bee. I so want people to like the show because I had so fun making it and am really proud of it. I am happy to say that The Singing Bee debut was a huge success! We are the highest rated original series debut for CMT ever!! So thank you to all of you out there that watched! But the real test will be this Saturday night. The show’s home is Saturday nights at 9pm eastern/8pm central following Can You Duet. So if you like the show please tune in this Saturday and tell everyone you know to check it out! What else? I loved being in Nashville, such a pretty city and the people are so nice. Thank you to the Hilton for taking such good care of me and I apologize for all the spray tanner I left on the towels! Forgive me I am pale. Anywho I am sure I will have more thoughts on the last few days soon but I gotta go I have a little boy who wants to play. I love you all and thanks for all your support. And to all the wonderful people I met in Nashville a huge THANK YOU!!!!

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Ps I will have pics from the show up soon!

Melissa P

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