Melissa’s Blog: June 20, 2009

My father is my biggest fan. He has always been my biggest fan, from my first performance as a shepherd in the Nativity me, my sister and Laura, Beth and Heidi Sand performed in our living room at Christmas to every role I have played since. FYI, I think my shepherd performance was pretty good even though my sheep was a Lhasa Apso named Peaches. He has always supported me in my dreams even when they seemed unreachable. He is the kind of man who would drive people all over town for my sisters wedding even though that morning he had slipped a disc in his back and was in the ER. He never complained. He just wanted things to be easier for his girl on her big day. He is the kind of father that when I was waiting tables at T.G.I Fridays after college and didn’t have enough money to pay for the title transfer of yet another used car, he came in for lunch and left me a 200 dollar “tip”. And let me tell you the service wasn’t that good. I am pretty sure I forgot to refill his diet coke. He is compassionate, generous, honest and kind. He is the kind of husband that would drive his wife and her 6 friends “The Divas” all around Los Angeles on their big Hollywood vacation. I was lucky enough to grow up seeing a marriage that was based on love, respect and compromise. He is a great Grandpa even when Riley is being a sass and less then a delight to be around. He should be my publicist. He knows what’s happening in my career more then I do. He is always up to date on everything and spreading the word around town. And I know he would do this no matter what career I happened to have. He is my greatest defender. I think my dad gets more upset when people say mean things about me or my work than I do. And now that I am a parent I understand that completely. He is an amazing photographer. A hobby he picked up in the last few years that has become his passion. His beautiful nature photos have been published and even sold. I am not surprised. He is the kind of boss that employees say nice things about even when he is not there. He is the kind of man who built a career and a business that is dedicated to helping people who are often pushed aside. He is a good man. Of all the gifts my father has given me I think the greatest was that his example helped me pick out someone who also is a wonderful father. Now John and my dad are very different men, with different backgrounds and opinions but what they share is more important. John is a good man, He is kind, honest and the best dad Riley could hope for. He is the kind of father that pretends to be a dinosaur and chases Riley around the yard. He is the kind of father that let’s Riley vacuum up his lip with the vacuum hose because it makes Riley laugh so hard he gets the hiccups. I also enjoy it because let’s face it, it’s funny. He is the kind of dad who will read the same book over and over again. He is the kind of dad who will someday leave Riley a 200-dollar “tip” if Riley was too proud to ask for help. John is a good husband. He makes me laugh and puts up with my quirks and will let me vacuum up his lip with the vacuum hose because seriously, it’s hilarious. After 10 years, I am still his “sug”.

Happy Fathers Day Dad, I love you so much and I could not have asked for a better father. And I am sorry for the snotty high school years.

Happy Fathers Day John, I love you sug. Riley and I are lucky that your ours.

And Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, grandpas, step-dads, uncles, honorary uncles, friends, and anyone who has made a difference in someones life. I hope you got more than a tie!

XOXOMelissa Peterman

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