September 16, 2008,

September 16th, 2008

Some Good news! I am doing a reoccurring guest spot on the new CW show Surviving Suburbia starring Bob Saget.  Which is great in itself, but the best part is it is produced by all of the Reba Show producers.  And the crew is most of the crew from Reba!! I get to hang with my family again.!!! I was reminded how much I miss them and how lucky I was to have been surrounded by such great people for all those years.  I think so many people have this impression that everyone in LA is shallow, spoiled brats and yes there are some of those…believe me I end up behind them in line at Starbucks all the time…”Is this Frappachino sugar free? I SAID sugar free and this tastes like real sugar or at least what I remember real sugar tasted like, I haven’t had real sugar since I was 3!”  AHHHHHHHHHHH I just want to scream, “ Just drink it!!! You can work it off by thinking about yourself real hard!”…..Ok Where was I?  Yes, most of the people that I have met through working in show business have been normal, kind and extremely generous people and I have been lucky enough to get to work with them.  The bad news about getting this job is I am going to miss one tour date with Reebs and KC…it’s the October 16th show. I am so bummed. There will only be 2 Musketeers that night!  But I will be joining the tour the next night in Pittsburg on the 17th so I am only missing one night.  It’s such a great show and I am really excited to get back on the road. I am leaving tomorrow for another weekend with my Reebs and Kelly and I am so excited.  This is such a great show and we had a fantastic opening weekend in Canada. I want to say thanks to all of those Canadians who came to the show because you were so enthusiastic and fun.  I loved Winnepeg and Saskatoon and Edmonton was beautiful and I am telling you the people were so nice to all of us.  I am hoping that Boise, Salt Lake City and Reno will be just as awesome!  I will be blogging from the road and talking to fans so stay tuned!



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September 10, 2008

September 10th, 2008

Well, I am back in LA and I already miss all of our family in MN, but it’s great to be in our house and see Janet our dog. She really missed us, well not me really but John. Janet gave up on me when I betrayed her and had a baby and she stopped being the baby. But I gave her a little boy who drops a ton of food on the floor so it’s a fair trade. 

I am very busy getting ready for the Reba/Kelly tour and I am hosting the Sound Of Music Sing-a-Long at the Hollywood Bowl on September 19th . This is my fourth time at the bowl and it is so much fun. It’s 18,000 people watching the best movie ever and singing along plus they dress up in costumes bring some wine and are ready to have fun. It’s the perfect mix of families, friends and drag queens. I love it! So if you’re in or around LA I highly recommend getting tickets. I will also be performing at the Les Girls Caberet show on Oct. 6th at the Avalon in Hollywood; it’s a great event that raises money for The National Breast Cancer Coalition. This will be my third time and it always makes me nervous because they get such amazing talent to perform and I get a little intimidated but it is always fun and a great cause. What else, I am currently addicted to the TLC show “Rock The Reception”. This is the greatest show ever!!!! It’s a show where a real bride and groom want to surprise everyone at their wedding with a really fun and different first dance. They get choreographers to come and teach them and sometimes their bridesmaid or groomsmen a professional routine. They have like 3 days and it’s awesome. Instead of doing a traditional slow dance they break out in “Super Freak” or “U Can’t Touch That” and they blow everyone away.. I LOVE IT. I even cried at a few of the episodes because the couple was so fun and it was a wedding and I cry at every wedding even on TV. You cannot watch this show and not smile so if you’re having a bad day, tune in. Well gotta run, love hearing from you so write in with your thoughts, comments, questions or even recipes…..I love recipes….I never use them….but I love them.

Have a great day!

Melissa P.

September 1, 2008

September 1st, 2008

Back from Duluth and the party was a huge success! We had a blast and once again I ate and ate! It’s Labor Day and we are having the Brady’s and the Peterman’s over to have pizza and hang out! I am going to need more leggings. We have one week left in MN and then it’s back to LA to get ready for the Two Worlds Two Voices Tour with Kelly Clarkson and Reba. The three Musketeers are gonna ride again!!! I am so excited to join them again. If their coming to your city you have to get tickets, it’s such a great show and the two of them are amazing together and I am not just saying that because their my BF’s….you can check out Kelly or Reba’s websites for locations and ticket info. It’s gonna be a party! But a party you need to get tickets for so get on it. I love doing it because I get chance to meet and talk to the fans and I love that! And now that I have a website I will be documenting my life on the road for you all. And hey this isn’t a one-way street people. I want to hear from you guys too. If you have ideas for my act. Let me know I will totally steal them! If you have questions for me. I will totally answer them…if you have more ways for me to wear legging…I want to know!! Gotta go, I am taking Riley to the Mall Of America…Yahoo!!! You can ride a roller-coaster and buy more leggings all at the same place.

Starting my diet, after I eat this left-over pizza.

Have a good one and I can’t wait to start hearing from you.

Melissa P.

August 29th, 2008

August 29th, 2008

What’s up peeps?! Everyone getting ready for Labor Day fun? Well, I now have no pants that fit me…but my new motto is “Leggings Can Be Pants” and the beauty of leggings is that they always fit. Well I am in Duluth, MN tonight because tomorrow is my Uncle Bill’s retirement party; he is retiring from the Duluth Police Force. Uncle Bill is one of my favorite people in the world, he is so funny and always makes people laugh even though I know being a cop is one of the toughest jobs in the world and he has seen a lot of things that I know I couldn’t handle. While in Duluth today, I also got to drop in at First Witness. If you saw Wanna Bet (game show on ABC) , you know that First Witness is the charity that I played for and won them $43,000.00. I was thrilled that I won because this is such an important place. First Witness is a child abuse resource center that is doing great things to deal with the aftermath of sexual and physical abuse of children in a safe place. My Uncle Bill and Aunt Susie have been very involved with First Witness and my Uncle Bill worked there for 11 years when he was assigned to the sex-crimes unit in Duluth. It was so great to meet the people who worked there and get to see first hand how hard their job is, they are dealing with children who have been through horrific things, I know I couldn’t do it. I urge my fans to check out their website and do what they can for such a great place. 

Signing off and in honor of my Uncle Bill, thank a police officer today for the job they do. And as my Uncle Bill would say, “I’m here, you may now enjoy the pleasure of my company” Happy Retirement Uncle Bill!!!

Melissa P.

August 22, 2008

August 22nd, 2008

Hey peeps, Melissa P here and I am in Minnesota with my family visiting even more family. I am having a ball and the weather is fantastic. Not very humid and the mosquitoes have left me alone. I have spent most of my time here visiting with family and eating. And eating. And eating. I am in the land of butter and cheese, which may be my new nickname if I don’t stop eating. It’s hard though, we Minnesotans put butter in everything…I am pretty sure I saw my sister-in –law put butter in my coffee. But what’s a few pounds when you’re with family? And part of vacation is letting yourself go!!! AM I Right?!! And speaking of eating I got to be here at the best time ever!! Today I went to the Minnesota State Fair. The best state fair in the world. A place where you can get deep-fried bacon on a stick, see a woman’s head sculpted in butter, ride a roller-coaster and see a cow give birth. You heard me…SEE A COW GIVE BIRTH!!!!!. They have a “The Miracle Of Birth” pavilion at the MN state fair and it’s not just a cute barn with baby sheep and cows and maybe some neat posters and charts showing birth…No Sir! YOU SEE COWS AND SHEEP AND PIGS GIVING BIRTH! And if you can’t get a seat close enough, no worries they have a guy shooting video in the pen and showing it live on the Jumbo Tron. WHAT?! ARE YOU KIDDING!? As someone who has experienced the Miracle Of Birth first hand, the idea of doing it with people sitting on bleachers eating corn-dogs watching me is very disturbing. I mean, I think it’s great to let people see a very natural process, it’s educational and I will admit the newborn lambs made me want to adopt a lamb or at least stop ordering them in restaurants. But as a woman and a mother I felt so bad for the mothers-to-be…I wanted to give them some privacy and maybe a hoof rub. And then I kept thinking about the ones waiting to give birth who have to watch their friend going through it on the jumbo tron. That’s like making your wife watch a birthing video right before she’s about to push!! Anywho it was very interesting to say the least. And it certainly didn’t curb my appetite, we had corn-dogs, french-fries, cookies, roasted corn, and mini-donuts and that was before noon. I also got inducted to The Burnsville High School Hall Of Fame, which was very exciting. I wish it had happened when I was in High School; I would have been more popular. It was a really nice night and my parents, aunt and grandma got to come to the dinner so all the grief I caused them in high school was finally worth it. What else have I got for you? Not much, gonna go to Duluth this weekend for my Uncle Bills retirement party and start my diet, after I eat this leftover corn-dog.

Have a great day and buy a friend a corn-dog!

Melissa P.