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September 16, 2008,

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Some Good news! I am doing a reoccurring guest spot on the new CW show Surviving Suburbia starring Bob Saget.  Which is great in itself, but the best part is it is produced by all of the Reba Show producers.  And the crew is most of the crew from Reba!! I get to hang with my family again.!!! I was reminded how much I miss them and how lucky I was to have been surrounded by such great people for all those years.  I think so many people have this impression that everyone in LA is shallow, spoiled brats and yes there are some of those…believe me I end up behind them in line at Starbucks all the time…”Is this Frappachino sugar free? I SAID sugar free and this tastes like real sugar or at least what I remember real sugar tasted like, I haven’t had real sugar since I was 3!”  AHHHHHHHHHHH I just want to scream, “ Just drink it!!! You can work it off by thinking about yourself real hard!”…..Ok Where was I?  Yes, most of the people that I have met through working in show business have been normal, kind and extremely generous people and I have been lucky enough to get to work with them.  The bad news about getting this job is I am going to miss one tour date with Reebs and KC…it’s the October 16th show. I am so bummed. There will only be 2 Musketeers that night!  But I will be joining the tour the next night in Pittsburg on the 17th so I am only missing one night.  It’s such a great show and I am really excited to get back on the road. I am leaving tomorrow for another weekend with my Reebs and Kelly and I am so excited.  This is such a great show and we had a fantastic opening weekend in Canada. I want to say thanks to all of those Canadians who came to the show because you were so enthusiastic and fun.  I loved Winnepeg and Saskatoon and Edmonton was beautiful and I am telling you the people were so nice to all of us.  I am hoping that Boise, Salt Lake City and Reno will be just as awesome!  I will be blogging from the road and talking to fans so stay tuned!