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Saturday, January 31st, 2009

January 31, 2009

10:21 am


Hello my friends and as you can see I have not kept my promise of blogging once a week but the good news I was extremely busy auditioning all over! The bad news is I haven’t booked anything.  It has been a very up and down couple of weeks for me and just when I get frustrated and want to became a veterinarian, I am reminded how blessed I am and that there are so many more important things happening in the world and many people are suffering far more than me.  I know right now many Americans are worrying about paying their mortgage and putting food on the table.  So not booking a pilot seems a tad silly in perspective. Ok, more than a tad silly, what’s more than a tad? A Tob silly? A Tod silly? I know, a TON silly! I know The right thing is waiting for me and I did my best but it’s a little frustrating when you go to studio and then go to network, they have narrowed the search down to 3 girls, you are nervous for a week, you go do it and then NO ONE gets the part! NO ONE and I am telling you those other girls are fantastic actresses who work all the time and all 3 of us would have been great.   I am sure it was just not the right fit for whatever reason but still disappointing.

On the good side I filmed my episode of “Rita Rocks” and so happy to report the cast and crew are lovely and kind and extremely generous.  I was shooting it the week of my studio test and they rearranged THEIR schedule for me!  How cool was that to work around the guest star?! Nicole Sullivan was so fun to work with and we truly had a blast so look out for the episode. I hope I get to do more.  Also starting today on Lifetime are the Valentines promos I recently shot and they are super funny and I got to hang with “The Diet Tribes” super hot trainer Jessie. When you see the promos you will see our amazing chemistry. I am pretty sure he has a crush on me! I hate it when I have to break hearts.  I am sure he will get over me in time. 

What else, have I got! I loved watching the inauguration and was so inspired by Obamas speech and I never want to get political but no matter what your personal politics are I think the message of service and community and the feeling around the country of hope and change was catching.  Riley is getting bigger and bigger and is so much fun.  Still not potty trained but I am hoping he was inspired by Obamas speech of hope to get out of the diaper and on to the toilet as part of his service to America and his mother.  I have had several more auditions that went really well and I am hopeful that something is around the bend for me in my career.  I hope it’s soon because I am getting tired of having to wear make-up everyday and make sure I have clean clothes to wear!   I will keep you all posted on how the auditions go and when I know an airdate for Rita Rocks I will let you know.  John, Riley and I are off to Home Depot to get rocks for the backyard and maybe some plants, another glamorous day in Hollywood but if I am good John will get me one of those hot-dogs they sell out front.  OH, and John and I went to our first movie in the theater since Riley was born and it was “Slumdog Millionaire”… GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!! I mean it, one of my top ten movies of all time.  Hard to see the poverty but ultimately so up-lifting and an incredible love story! I loved it, and I cried like a baby. 

Gotta go my friends, Have a wonderful weekend! 

God Bless.

Melissa P